Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun for Cats and Dogs

Well right now I'm very busy trying to rebuild my inventory from what I sold at last Saturday's craft show and this Saturday I'm doing another. One of my show favorites is catnip toys. Even shows that the sales are slow I'm sure to always sell some catnip toys. I started making these cat toys for my own cats, now I only have one cat and he's 15, but as you can see in the picture he still enjoys rolling around on the floor with a catnip toy. If you have a cat you'll want to check these out , your cat will thank you!

Now recently I had been thinking I might like to try ma
king dog sweaters, but the dog I have is way to large for dog clothes. She's a german shepherd and too old to even want to be bothered with that kind of stuff. So since I don't have a small dog and I'm not really running out of projects, I gave up on that idea. I have found another crafter who makes the cutest dog clothes. Check out this great dog dress. I just love it! You can find this and much more at cathystotes.

Yesterday I ended my blog by including one of my favorite recipes, since I am talking about dogs and cats today, a recipe for dog treats would be appropriate. I have to tell the truth, I don't cook for my dog. She thinks homemade dog treats is the selected leftovers from dinner she gets. I have found the greatest shop for dog treats, and I 'm not just talking gourmet dog bones. They have dog treats in their shop that are amazing! You just have to see them to believe them! So check out these gourmet dog cupcakes and to find lots of other great dog treats go visit DivaDogBakery.

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  2. Thanks for featuring Miss Claire in her sundress!
    She belongs to a friend who photographed her for me. Clare is also featured in a lime green sweater at my other shop: She even made front page at etsy!