Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Teacher Gifts

The school year is quickly winding down and if you are planning to give teacher gifts time is running out! So here are a few ideas for gifts that show you appreciate all your child's teachers hard work, but are also easy on your budget.

For me I always give my hanging kitchen towels, when I first started using them as teacher gifts my son wasn't so sure about it. His attitude greatly changed after all his teachers told him how they love these towels and use them all the time. Now my children expect me to make up towels for their teachers!

Another great shop to find teacher gifts is CardsandNotes, here I have shown one of the post it note holders that are for sale, these come in a variety of colors. You'll also find other cute gift ideas when you take a look at this shop.

Of course a sweet treat always makes a wonderful gift! If you aren't inclined to make them yourself here's a place to find lots of yummy treats - DoubleDippedSweets. You'll find a great selection of delicious items, so make sure you check it out!


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