Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Keeping It Fun

You will find that my topics quite often relate to children's items, I guess this is because I am a mom and deal with child related issues all the time. One issue that I have is that my one daughter has trouble with her reading, for some reason she just has trouble with it. She gets extra help at school and I spend time with her every day working on reading. I know at times she gets very frustrated and I have to come up with ways to keep her from giving up. I let her pick out books on her level that interest her so that she will want to read.

Reading is so important, if you have a little one that you want to start on a love of reading, I found a neat site that makes Personalized Children's Books
Not only is this a unique gift, but you can help them along with reading. As a mom with one struggling reader I highly recommend continuously supporting a love for books. Click here to see a book about your child's name

Personalized Children's Books

Now if you have a little cutie at home you'll want to enter them in the 2009 Cute Kid of The Year
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So why not give it a try, their cute face now could help pay for their college later!

Now let's not forget another important thing with children is letting them use their imaginations. Little girls love to play dress up and what little girl wouldn't love this adorable tutu! You will really want to check this out and all the other so cute items that 2QT4WORDS has for sale. It is a wonderful shop, so take time and browse.

I wish you all a wonderful day and God bless!


  1. What an adorable fairy princess. She is as cute as a baby bunny. :)

  2. cute blog. Good luck to your little one with the reading! :)